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QuietCare is part of GE's "Healthymagination" Healthcare Innovation Strategy

QuietCare by GE Healthcare is a proactive and unobtrusive motion sensor technology that can help identify small health problems before they grow larger.
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QuietCare proactive elder care technology

Enhancing resident care. Enriching your bottom line.

QuietCare, from GE Healthcare is an innovative, proactive care technology that helps you look out for the well-being of your residents so they can live their lives fully and independently. Yes, it's true. Life just got easier. For families. For residents. For you. The QuietCare system transforms eldercare with advanced motion sensor technology that learns how your residents live and sends alerts when certain out-of-the-ordinary events occur. The system provides you with information that facilitates the delivery of personalized care to help improve caregivers' response times, identify problems before they become emergencies, and may ultimately enhance your bottom line.

GE is making a new commitment to healthcare  ... and from all indications is supporting President Obama's emphasis on healthcare reform.  GE's president sits on an Obama economic recovery advisory board. 

"Healthymagination" is a new program by GE that features more than 100 innovations all focused on addressing three goals:

  • Lowering healthcare costs
  • Touching more lives
  • Improving healthcare quality

Tenets of the program include making healthcare more sustainable.

Technology, simplified caregiving and process are combined

to drive productivity, innovation and better health

GE will use healthymagination to apply their scale and innovation to dramatic new investments in sustainable health by 2015.  They want to tackle the world's toughest challenges!

GE's 15% Healthymagination Goals

  • Reduce costs by 15% for many procedures and processes with GE technologies and services
  • Increase people's access by 15% to services and technologies essential for health -- reaching 100 million people every year.
  • Improve quality and efficiency by 15% for customers by simplifying and refining healthcare procedures and standards of care

To achieve these goals, GE plans to invest billions in 100+ innovations that lower cost, improve access and improve quality. 

GE will focus on rural and underserved areas and new partnerships.  

They will drive employee health to a new level through supporting employee wellness while lowering healthcare costs.  And GE plans to engage external thought leaders and policymakers -- like Obama, no doubt -- to learn, create, and report on their progress.

GE's Growth Plan 

All in the pursuit of "growing GE's healthcare business by 2-3x GDP,  significantly growing the gap between our earnings and costs."

To meet these goals, GE is refocusing their efforts from research to product development, services, consumer capabilties, and partnerships.  They will use all of their tools, technology and expertise from GE Healthcare to GE Capital, NBC Universal, GE Water, GE Global Research and the GE Foundation to make health better.  Faster.  Stronger.... We can remake him...I mean them...I mean...

If they are successful, GE sees more people living healthy, independent lives.  Health providers will be more successful.  Economies will benefit from healthier populations and "we'll all grow." 

Does that mean we will grow MORE people, or just BIGGER people? :-) 

I like GE...I was impressed with their management when my husband worked for them years ago.  I like some of the things they have accomplished with GE's "Ecomagination" program to foster greener, more sustainable environmental solutions.  I'm glad they are taking on healthcare, I just hope the GE folks don't throw their weight around quite as much as they did in the green sector.   But they definitely need a better playground.  Green isn't doing them a lot of good.  People just don't care about the earth as much as they care about their own health -- so maybe this will be a worthy sandbox for one of the world's largest and last conglomerates.

Editor, Carolyn Allen


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Publication Date: 6/28/2009
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