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CSI Cooperative Housing for Seniors in Mass, Calif, Maryland and Mich

CSI Support & Development services (CSI) specializes in affordable housing for low-income seniors with locations in California, Maryland, Massachusetts, and Michigan.
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Affordable Housing Cooperatives for Seniors
CSI Support & Development services (CSI) specializes in affordable housing for low-income seniors with locations in California, Maryland, Massachusetts, and Michigan. A limited number of apartments are available in some locations for younger persons who are physically disabled and need the special features of a unit designed for the mobility impaired. Rend subsidies are available to those who qualify. 

Members of the co-op apartments have a voice and participate in the management of their buildings.

CSI apartment buildings are a part of a coast-to-coast housing network, founded in 1945. 

What is a cooperative apartment building?

  • An arrangement where co-op members live separately in their own apartments, as they would in any other apartment building.
  • A building democratically controlled by the residents.

Voting co-op members participate in management decisions. CSI believes that quality housing is best achieved by the people who live there.

  • Co-ops are non-profit organizations. Any profits are put back into the co-op to benefit its members.
  • Cooperative apartments rely on voluntary help from members to keep costs down and preserve the democratic environment. Our motto is: "Working Together to Help Each Other."

How does a CSI building work?

Cooperatives are based on principles going back to England in the 1800s. All consumer cooperatives follow these basic principles:

  • Open, voluntary membership
  • Democratic control
  • Non-profit operation
  • Continuing education
  • Political, social, racial and religious neutrality
  • Cooperation among local, national and international cooperatives

What is it like to live in a co-op?

Every floor has an elected floor representative who is a member of the building council and does the following:

    • Welcomes newcomers
    • Holds monthly floor meetings, reports council news to the floor, takes suggestions back to council
    • Turns in requests for apartment maintenance

The council meets monthly to decide on many aspects of building operations from what color to paint the lounge walls to ordering new refrigerators and hallway carpeting.

Residents meet monthly at general meetings in the community room.  During these meetings:

  • Members who attend vote on issues that the president presents
  • Committees report on their activities
  • Members elect officers annually

By-laws and house rules build the framework for governing our co-op, and they provide for democratic and more secure communities within the buildings.

Committees run on volunteer power. Some committees meet "as needed;" others meeting monthly. CSI Support & Development' staff provides thorough training for all committees. Some committees and their responsibilities are:

  • Leasing -interview applicants; organize move-ins and move-outs; prepare apartments for new residents
  • Recreation/Activities - plan and organize social events, such as special parties, weekly get-togethers and trips for building residents
  • Fund-Raising- develop fund-raising ideas for house funds. Members vote on how their co-op spends these funds
  • House Maintenance- tour building and report on maintenance needs; become familiar with building's mechanical systems; make recommendations for improvements
  • Finance : Help the co-op manage its money by planning the annual operating budget and reviewing monthly expenses.

Every building has a CSI staff liaison or coordinator who is the building's link between building business and the CSI Support & Development Services' office. They work with the council, committees and individuals to create the best possible living environment for all members.

Residents of each building elect delegates to regional cooperative congresses, where they nominate candidates for the CSI Board of Directors. Congress delegates and the board review corporate issues at three meetings each year. Congress is the link between co-op members and the board.

The board of directors meets monthly. It sets policy, approves annual building budgets and major building contracts.

CSI Senior Cooperative Housing Locations

Beaumont, CA
Cathedral City, CA
Gardena, CA
Irvine, CA
Lawndale, CA
Maywood, CA
Morena Valley, CA
North Hollywood, CA
Ontario, CA
Palm Springs, CA
San Bernardino, CA

Charlestown, MA
Chelsea, MA
Everett, MA
Jamaica Plain, MA
Revere, MA
Roslindale, MA
South Boston, MA

Baltimore, MD
Essex, MD
Randallstown, MD

Belleville, MI
Carleton, MI
Dearborn Heights, MI
Detroit, MI
Ecorse, MI
Flat Rock, MI
Hazel Park, MI
Highland Park, MI
Kalamazoo, MI
Madison Heights, MI
Plymouth, MI
Riverview, MI
Romulus, MI
Royal Oak, MI
Southgate, MI
Trenton, MI
Wyandotte, MI

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