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Each section on this website contains articles and sub-sections to help you discover solutions that fit your interests. Drill down...and learn how to save money, improve quality, and enjoy the beauty and function of a sustainable home and workplace.
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Individual Health in the Health Care System Our Health Care System consists of not only doctors and hospitals, but families, friends, and even Mother Nature! Think healthy living FIRST, then fix the problems that arise -- but maximize your strengths of good food, clean air, and clean living!

Body's Healing System
Natural Health Options Natural health options aren't just about vitamins and supplements - natural also means preventative and hygiene solutions such as good food, water, activity, fun and laughter!
Cheap Health Care Options for Seniors Frugal health care options for seniors balance value with effective therapies. Quality self-care is the foundation of frugality and savings in the long term. We help you identify frugal health options for quality of life.
Food Choices for Senior Health Food choices for senior health vary from younger days when digestion was better, teeth were stronger and activity gave a daily boost in bodily functions. Food choices affect dental, muscular, and energy health...and, well, everything!
Stress Management for Seniors Stress management for seniors is important to reduce the effects of chronic illnesses, change, loss, and family chaos. Seniors often feel out of control in their lives and stress management can reduce depression, anger and other health-impacting conditions.
Relationships for Senior Wellness Relationships for seniors are often much smaller than they were used to - family, a few friends, a couple neighbors and a care provider or two. But vibrant, lifelong learning can expand that community of relationships for more invigorating quality of life.
Fun and Joy Fun and joy come from good companionship, puzzles, new adventures, travel, and celebrations, as well as hobbies, family and personal achievements. We help bring fun and joyful ideas to your attention.
Satisfaction & Productivity for Seniors Satisfaction and productivity changes over the years of our live - from taking that first step to parenting and careers to caring for grandchildren and ourselves. Satisfaction is a mix of achievement, attitude and lifelong learning.
Community Community options can save money through sharing reusable resources and sharing in the cost of events, caring services. That's the foundation of a productive home and community.
Humor for Quality of Life Humor makes everyone's life better and it is a secret ingredient in quality of life. Laughter, humor, fun, adventure and good companionship are being found to have almost magical powers for healing, recovery and positive menatl health.
Job and Career Training for Older Workers Job and career training is part of lifelong learning as we change careers to fit out physical and mental capabilities. Seniors and older workers face new challenges and often these can involve working with people their own age, or much younger. Intergenerational work teams are eye openers!
Green Healthcare Green healthcare involves reduced pollutants - clean air, nontoxic cleansers and cosmetics, as well as monitoring pollutants in housing. Reduced toxins in medications are also part of green healthcare.
Independent Living Facilities. Healthcare facilities start at home! Bedrooms, dining tables and lounging spaces provide prevention, quality of life and handy health care options. But doctors' offices, clinics and hospitals also need to be designed for quality care and environmental health care quality.
Healthcare Policies Senior healthcare policies affect how long seniors can remain in their family home, as well as how much support caregivers can provide to seniors when they need individual care. Healthcare policies can be improved when policymakers receive ongoing information about senior needs from care providers, friends and family.
Green Healthcare Solutions Green healthcare solutions concentrate on air quality, reduced energy use, proper ventilation, quality food and water, as well as pollution reduction for healthier lifestyle support for seniors and their family members.
Health and beauty aids Health and beauty aids promote healthy skin and reduce damage from too much sun or pollutants.
Green healthcare at Home Green healthcare at home can reduce toxins in medications, improve water quality, improve indoor air quality, and improve quality of life for home-bound patients and their caregivers.
Fresh Air Indoor air quality is important for lung and respiratory health, and there are many ways to use good ventilation and pollution absorbing living green plants to improve air quality.
Clean Water Clean water is essential for life - and health. Pollution prevention and filtration can improve health and energy levels. We help you find solutions for water quality for your skin and your internal organs.
Healthful Food & Drinks Healthful food and drinks starts with clean water and fresh vegetables, fruit and greens. Every body is unique and tolerates different foods, liquids and additives differently.
Waste Reduction Recycling can reduce materials, as well as reuse objects without additional remanufacturing costs. Old is beautiful. Reuse if frugal. Recycled content is prudent!
Energy Savings Energy efficiency starts with "turn it off when not in use". Energy savings also result from buying better appliances such as Energy Star rated to save energy over the entire lifetime. Proper use also can reduce energy costs.
Senior Citizen Housing. Housing for seniors is as diverse as seniors! Home is a personal balance of comfort, safety, cost and location close to friends, family and health care to provide functional housing for health and wellness.
Rental Housing for Seniors Rental housing for seniors varies from one room to suites to shared single family housing. Negotiating for affordable housing and adequate access to stimulating activity are key to senior wellbeing.
Public Housing for Seniors Public housing for seniors can help stretch limited incomes and provide community efficiency and effectiveness with shared services on-site.
Home Ownership Home ownership by seniors provides personal comfort, but can add difficulties for health care and a community of support and enjoyment. New programs help seniors age in place and provide mobile services.
Multi-Resident Housing Multi-resident housing is traditional in extended families with multi-generational family members providing care for one another and enjoying each generation's special skills and talents.
Households Households can be more frugal with better behaviors. Turning off lights. Unplugging battery rechargers. Turn of water. Wear a sweater. Open the windows. Households can save energy, water and time with better practices.
Lifelong Learning Lifelong learning for self care, citizenship, health, jobs, family relations, travel... and adventure improves quality of life at all ages!
Hydration - water Hydration - water for healthy skin, healthy organ function and for quenching thirst makes fresh water our most precious natural resource!
Purpose in life Purpose comes from feeling connected to family, friends and community. By sharing and caring for one another, everyone benefits! Sustainable communities value life and quality more than wealth and power. It's that simple.
Personal Genome
Mouth health
Senior Abuse Prevention Senior Abuse Prevention requires constant vigilance and support of seniors who can't or won't speak out for themselves. Families, friends and care providers are legally and morally obliged to protect those who can't protect themselves.
Senior Services Senior services are provided by communities, families, friends, neighbors and volunteers, as well as health care systems and health care providers. We all benefit from these people who paved the way through the past for us.
Caregiver Resources Caregiver resources can be local from city or county health and senior services, or online from associations and nonprofits that understand the caregiver's special needs to meet specific senior needs.
Home health care Home health care is provided for seniors living independently or with families or friends. A wide variety of activity, supplies and services can be coordinated to improve quality of life.
Home healthcare Home healthcare takes advantage of distant health services, online health information, remote sensors and monitors that are connected to health care providers. Home healthcare providers can provide many of the services formerly available only in hospitals or nursing homes.
Home care Home care is both preventative and crisis care for family members who need safe rehabilitation and longer term productivity to be part of the family with reduced challenges.
Dentistry for Seniors Seniors who have difficulty going to the doctor or dentist need increased preventative dental care to protect their nutrition, heart and other vital organs from infections that cause poor health.
Insurance Insurance is a risk management product that is both expensive and requires careful selection. Insurance can also be behavior-based by avoiding high risk behaviors and choices.
Insurance for Seniors Insurance can be expensive for seniors living on reduced income, yet can provide a level of comfort that encourages independent living.
Senior Housing Senior housing takes many forms and financial profiles from rentals, to public housing, cooperative housing, and family compounds.
Green Senior Housing Green housing is about right-sizing, insulation and ventilation, functional appliances, and living factors such as close health and food sources. Many cooperative housing communities can excel at developing green housing attributes.
Retrofit for Seniors Retrofit for seniors includes universal access for mobility, good insulation and ventilation, easy use appliances, energy efficiency and emergency notification technologies.
Accessibility for Seniors Accessibility for Seniors stretches from kitchen cabinets to porch steps to sidewalks and safe, walkable cities. Together we can use universal access to make life robust for all people in our communities.
Aging In Place Aging In Place is a growing residential remodeling strategy to cope with the 10s of millions of Baby Boomers getting ready to retire. Active seniors like to participate in their communities and aging in place services, remodeling and safety nets can make independent living feasible for more people.
Senior Job Training Senior job training often focuses on communication with younger coworkers and updating computer skills. Other senior career advantages come from choosing rewarding work that honors the wisdom and gentleness of seniors.
Senior Jobs Senior jobs can be part-time, volunteer, consulting, home-based, or temporary. They can be traveling gigs, family services, or helping other seniors with necessary health and home support. Senior jobs are as diverse as seniors!
Baby Boomers Baby Boomers start turning 65 in 2011...and the tens of millions of aging Boomers are expected to redefine aging with aging in place, travel, second careers and community activism -- as well as new geriatric medicine trends and needs.
Demographics Senior demographics are booming with Baby boomers reaching age 65 January 1, 2011
Programs Programs for Boomers and seniors include activities, safety nets and intellectual involvement in community.
Research Research for senior quality of life, health and healthcare is centered in gerontology, Medicare and local senior services. Learn about best practices for yourself, your friends, family and community.
Social Network Social networks morph during the last half of life, but they are still vitally important for friendship, communications, safety nets, fun activity and joy.
Development for Multigenerational Living Developments friendly to seniors include variety in access, productivity, safety net services, healthcare, neighboring, activities and appropriate cost of living.
Rural housing Rural housing is often a senior's longtime residence with activities embedded such as gardens, farm animals, neighbors and local groups such as religious, intellectual and safety networks. New senior multifamily units are also being built in rural regions to provide beauty and relaxing space.
Rural healthcare Rural health care deals with isolation, long distances, as well as family care, friend support and nature's bounty of fresh air, outdoor activity and garden bounty.
Healthcare Technologies & Gadgets
Therapies for Senior Health Care Therapies can be non-invasive care that supplements traditional medical care. Many therapies can be self-applied and used for prevention of health emergencies.
Sensors and Monitors
Assistive Devices
Weight Weight can indicate health or imbalanced nutrition and exercise practices. Weight changes are important clues to discuss with your health care provider to identify health concerns and focus on best practices for healthy living.
Cooperative Housing Cooperative housing can be as simple as living with family, or as traditional as boarding houses, rentals and living with a roommate. Options are varied, and benefits are lower cost of living, conversation, reduced loneliness and higher quality of living.
Senior Living Apartments. Cooperative housing provides community and shared services for seniors. Some cooperative housing provides cross-generation family flavor and community support networks.
Financial Options Finance for seniors includes not only managing money and paying bills, but revenue generation and in-kind service exchanges by family, friends, neighbors, housing mates and the community. From savings to entrepreneurship and jobs, seniors are often active well into their 80s, and we help provide ideas and resources to strengthen the opportunities for seniors to be productive.
Reverse Mortgages Reverse mortgages help seniors take property value out of their home ownership to supplement living costs. Reverse mortgages are heavily regulated to protect the interests of the seniors and care should be taken to proceed cautiously.
Housing Finance Housing finance for seniors includes age in place programs, reverse mortgages, subsidized housing and other programs to cover living costs as well as real estate and taxes.
Home Based Business Home based businesses can provide seniors with community contact, supplemental income, productivity and a way to participate in their community. Some areas include gardening, roomers, home health care services, consulting, art and writing, as well as babysitting. There are many more options in today's Internet-based world if seniors get started early.
Self Employment Self employment can be rewarding for seniors who want to work at their own pace, for seniors who have special talents and friends and families who want the goods and services their senior artiste can produce for them.
Live/Work Housing Live, Work housing is an ancient concept of productive homes that include food and crafts, maybe retail and living quarters. New lofts and multi-purpose housing are reclaiming that productive use of building space.
Productive Homes for Seniors Productive homes for seniors start with safety and security for independent living, and add space for activities such as hobbies, family functions, a home based business, and community involvement.
Pensions Pensions are rare in today's career world, but public service jobs, military, and some large corporations provide pension options along with self-funded retirement funds. This senior income source requires early planning and career choices.
Savings Plan Savings plans help put money away for mid-size purchases, as well as provide safety and security for emergencies. Cookie jars and savings accounts both have their place in personal savings plans.
Laughter, Humor
Continuing Education Continuing education never goes out of style - there's always something helpful and exciting to learn if you look for it! Seniors can learn online, from friends, from children of all ages... and from daytrips that open their minds to new ideas and resources.
Careers & Jobs Senior careers and jobs are growing as aging changes with demographics that benefit from good health care, accessible communities, home based businesses and senior programs. Many senior careers are extensions of careers, and new careers are being developed based on the Boomer boom, technology and new community service prorams.
Snowbird Migration Snowbird migration is a familiar cold weather exit to warm southern and tropical wintering spaces. Seniors hit the road in RVs and cars to enjoy mobility, new adventures and to see old friends as well as make new friends. Senior travel is taken to new destinations, and new extremes!
Mental Alertness
Activity Level
Cell Phones
Learning Tools
Childcare Childcare is an age old tradition for seniors and today's options are growing with two working parents, non-traditional families, distant family clusters and good health and education of seniors who want to stay active and support the next generations.
Consulting Consulting can extend a successful career as seniors help small businesses, public agencies and community service organizations make connections, provide wisdom and experience, and outreach to the community.
Volunteering Volunteering can provide seniors and Boomers with quality of life connections to community, productivity, exchange of goods and services, and joy! Many options are available and we'll help you find some!
Citizenship Citizenship takes time to study, plan, implement and inform fellow citizens about sustainable community operations and choices. Seniors have experience and time to contribute to their community and country to boost citizenship participation.
Art & Crafts Art & crafts provide many benefits for seniors, their families and their community - from sharing wit and wisdom, to history research, creative joy, heirlooms for family and friends, and intellectual property that forms a legacy.
Part-time Jobs Part time jobs for seniors can be -- well, anything! With home based businesses, senior programs, family services, and community volunteering, part time jobs can be the source of many benefits from extra income to new friends to productivity and joy!
Investment Investment can be money, ideas, time, and labor. Investment can also be placed in family, homes, businesses and communities for shared benefits such as educated neighbors, shared healthcare services and local businesses to meet neighborhood needs. Everyone needs to invest in our shared community... how is up to you!
Entrepreneurship Seniors can be entrepreneurs at their own scale, in their own communities, and to maximize the value of creative work. It's never too late to contribute your talents and time to your community!
Green Chemistry
Personal Care Frugal personal care starts with daily hygiene such as washing, wearing clean clothes, good food, drinking water, brushing hair, brushing teeth, and visiting with friendly people! Expensive cosmetics aren't necessary for a friendly smile!
Indoor Air Quality
Indoor Air Quality We spend as much as 98% of our time indoors - so indoor air quality is a big deal! Air is contaminated by the chemicals in our furnishings, our fuels and even paints. Good ventilation and air filtration are practical solutions for indoor air quality improvement.
Preventive Health Options Preventive health options start with good hygiene, nutrition, activity and exercise, as well as risk management and healthy relationships. Additional preventative health care can involve medical tests, regular checkups, and appropriate therapeutic treatment.
Hobbies Hobbies for seniors can be shared with younger family members, provide exercise and activity, and even resources such as organic food, extra income and creative joy.
Gardening Gardening with food and flowers provides exercise, beauty, good food and lovely aromas that lift the spirit and improve health! I love gardening and will share my love with you!
Value in Care Value in health care is an emotional issue as much as a financial one. Emergencies reduce decisions and choices, and value is tied to life and death fears, but prevention is also a value proposition - we tend to neglect everyday behavior changes that can be our greatest health care value.
Primary Medical Care Primary medical care for seniors centers around family care providers, and then a trusted primary care physician. Don't forget the value of your family and best friend!
Primary Care Primary care is assumed to be doctors and hospitals - but primary care is first administered by self and family with prevention and good hygiene.
Mental Health Mental health isn't just psychological or brain function - it is built on a complex set of foods, relationships, activities, work and hobbies, hygiene, stress management...and more. Quality mental health professionals address self-care as well as drugs and therapy.
Quality of Life Technologies
Assistive Devices
Extended Care for Seniors Extended care for seniors is often a combination of self care, family care, support by friends, social networks and health care professionals. Services and insurance can help make this network of life support holistic and vibrant quality of life.
Care giving
Travel Travel broadens the mind and makes time fly by! Seniors love revisiting familiar communities and learning new, gentler ways to live gracefully.
Senior Relationships Relationships for seniors include friends, family, spouses, health and service providers, pets, neighbors, and safety net advisors and helpers.
Sleep Sleep provides natural therapy for bodies to recover from stress, strain, work and injury. Since we spend a THIRD of our lives sleeping, slumber becomes an important health care factor.
Exercise Exercise is the daily movement of the body - activities, standing, and walking are basic to health and vitality.
Super Foods Super foods are high in vital nutrients, calorie balance, and have beneficial effects. We help you identify proven high-performance foods and nutrients for everyday health.
Nutrition Nutrition is good health's fuel for growth, recovery and energy for the day. Food, water, sunlight, and even clean air are basic nutrients in the recipe for good health.
Health Care Plan. Best practices in health, fitness and wellness are the foundation of faster recovery from life's usual illnesses, bumps and bruises. Best practices for your strength, vitality, joy and positive mental health are in your control. Start with learning about what YOUR health requires for robust health.
Gift Giving Gift giving is an important part of our social infrastructure with family, friends, neighbors, coworkers and especially children! Health factors are part of one's attention to detail - pollutants, sweets and other side issues can dull the joy of gift giving.
Sustainable Buildings Sustainable buildings provide natural lighting, ventilation, clean indoor air quality, non-toxic furnishings and finishes... and quality spaces for community interaction.
Prevention Prevention is about being naturally healthy, strong and energetic. Our surroundings, food, water, air quality and relationships all make us strong to prevent low bodily health systems, spread of disease and other health issues.
Public Health Public health for cities, counties and regions is taken for granted until a disaster, outbreak or large event reminds us that we all depend on one another. There are everyday solutions that we can all contribute to for a safer, healthier community.
Marriage & Family Marriage, family, extended family and childhood -- they either foster good health and relationship, or cause added stress. Working for healthy family behaviors pays off in vitality, lower health care costs, and happiness! It can be hard -- but it's worth the effort!
Weight Weight is a measurement of many health factors that are balanced -- age, nutrition, exercise, heredity, diseases, treatments... and we help you learn about how weight is an "indicator" of your health and well being.
Visual Health Care Visual health care includes protecting your eyes from danger, disease and from too much sunlight, and providing good vision with appropriate eye wear and nutrition. We help you identify options and solutions.
Loud Sounds Loud sounds affect our ears, our attention, and our ability to concentrate. Some loud sounds come from inside and can be a symptom of hearing loss or other conditions that require medical attention. Learn more about hearing protection and hearing loss -- and what you can do to prevent problems with sounds in your environment or body.
Hearing Hearing and ear health includes both individual health and safety behaviors and public health issues such as loud noises in the environment. We help you identify options.
Screening Screening for common diseases and health issues can improve early detection -- and early detection can provide you with more options for preventative and therapeutic health care.
Schools and Education for Health Care Schools and Education for Health Care provide information and resources for family and community health. Green schools reduce toxins and improve food quality for our children. Health classes and exercise programs develop good habits for strong bodies and vibrant health.
Childhood Health Factors Childhood health factors are based first on nutrition and exercise -- and a positive, stimulating parenting environment. Parents, grandparents, family friends, school personnel, and neighbors can all provide supportive health care "habilitation" for our children. It truly does take a village to rear a child -- and they are our joy today and our future!
Toxics and Contaminants Toxics and Contaminants affect your health care and there are solutions you can choose at home and in your workplace.
Contaminants Contaminants are both natural and manmade. They can be toxic, dirty, or unwanted - and in food, clothing, medications, rooms, cars, the air. Learn to avoid and manage contaminants in your world to prevent and recover from exposures that harm your health.
Waste management Waste management reuses scraps and packaging, reduces waste, and recycles products for another generation of use. Landfills are a hazard and can be reduced by individual reduction, reuse and recycling of ALL our goods. Awareness, options and solutions will help you transition to more sustainable work and homelife habits.
Salt Salt is necessary for health - in moderation, and different levels are necessary for activity levels, health issues, even altitude! Learn more!
Medications Medications are a large part of traditional health care, but there are choices and ways to manage your use of medications to improve your health care.
Non-invasive Care Non-invasive care is increasingly a solution for illness, stress-related and accidental health issues.
Cognitive Cognitive health supports a full, robust life with skills, ideas, communications and relationships. Mental health, physical health, and a supportive community role are all important cognitive health solutions.
Anxiety Anxiety is both a natural sensory awareness of troubling situations -- and can be a mental illness that triggers behaviors and body stress. Learn to manage daily anxiety and identify options for higher levels of anxiety that need health care solutions.
Aerobic activity Aerobic activity is basic to muscular and heart health. We help you find options and resources to consider for your daily activity choices.
Awareness & Information Awareness & Information about your health care is important day to day and for unexpected health issues. Start with knowing your own body, and then know your health care options.
Depression Depression can have either a minor or major impact on mental and physical health. Stress, disease or trauma can trigger episodes of depression and most people experience it as some time. Learn how to identify and manage depressive times with personal health care "best practices".
Caloric Restriction Caloric restriction can be part of daily eating habits, for specific therapeutic reasons or to lose weight. We help you identify resources to make caloric restrictions part of your healthy life choices.
Food Safety Food safety begins in agriculture, continues through food processing, and through food storage and preparation in the kitchen. We help you identify solutions for food selection, storage and food safety.
Nutrition Nutrition is necessary for good health, and proper nutrition varies by age, gender, health issues and even climate! Food provides your body with energy, self-healing and strength. Junk food is obviously not nutrition!
Dietary Nutrition Dietary Nutrition is central to institutional food preparation in schools, hospitals, and workplace cafeterias.
Genetic testing Genetic testing is a cutting edge screening option for health issues in a family and individual.
Medicare Medicare is an insurance program for seniors and some people with disabilities that provides extensive benefits and negotiation for lower rates for seniors with health problems.
Fraud Fraud in health care exists because we care so much about our health and information is difficult to gather when we need it. But asking good questions and knowing your options can prevent fraud.
Temperature Extremes Health is affected by temperature extremes -- heat waves kill. Freezing temperatures can kill. You need options to protect your health from both indoor and outdoor temperature extremes.
Infection Reduction Infection Reduction starts with knowing your body, and knowing what you have been doing that could have put you in harm's way. Traditional and self-care methods can help you reduce infections.
Ambulatory Care Centers Ambulatory Care Centers can range from "doc in a box" emergency centers to workplace and school health care centers, and evolving distance medicine treatment centers.
Family Health History Family health history can help us shape our daily behaviors to reduce risks and strengthen talents and beneficial genetic gifts. Learning from parents and grandparents can bring additional social benefits and insights.
Health History Health history is important family health care for prevention, identification of health risks, and for choices in therapy and health care insurance
Health Care Costs Health Care Costs are changing and we will help you identify solutions in personal behaviors, health care industry best practices... and options.
Health Care Facilities Health Care Facilities can vary from a doctor's office, to clinics, emergency centers, hospitals, ambulatory centers, day care centers, and on-site care centers such as at workplaces and schools. Know your options!
Therapy Therapy is a "recovery" approach to health care, often used for muscles, mental alertness, after surgery, etc. to strengthen muscles, the brain, and joints. New approaches to therapy are expanding rapidly.
Surgery Surgery is a staple of traditional health care and Western medical care. It involves cutting or opening the body's skin, muscles and other organs to directly care for internal body parts. Your health care research can sometimes find options to surgery.
Pharmaceuticals, Drugs Pharmaceuticals and prescription drugs are the foundation of modern Western health care, but new research is showing that therapy, nutrition, exercise and even community can lessen or negate the use of toxic chemicals in medications.
Affordable Health Care Traditional Health Care is actually a new system of doctors, hospitals and pharmaceuticals. Traditional health is a system of nutrition, exercise, community, and proper hygiene... Which do you rely on most?
Contagious Diseases Contagious diseases are both a personal and public responsibility -- and cost! From measles to HIV, contagious diseases need specific health care treatment, prevention and awareness to prevent spreading that can cripple a family, community or economy. Learn more about solutions.
Cultural Groups Cultural groups can share food traditions, exercise habits, humor, moods brought about by habits... as well as genetic kinship. Gene research and cultural science research are identifying many nuances of what cultural groups share.
Cultural Specific Information Cultural specific health care includes identifying both inherited physical traits and cultural behaviors such as food preparation, levels and kinds of activities that affect health.
Diabetes Prevention Diabetes prevention is part of daily choices in food, exercise, weight maintenance and other factors. We help you identify options and solutions available in the community and the health care system.
Insect Repellents Insect repellants can prevent spread of insect-borne diseases, but they can also contain toxic chemicals. Learn what your choices and solutions are ... especially for children and vulnerable populations.
Aromas, Smells Aromas, smells and odors are the off-gasing of chemicals from organic materials such as foods, and industrial products such as paints and finishes, adhesives and plastics. Learn more about which aromas are harmful to your health.
Family & Friends Family and friends provide a safety net of care as well as daily "therapy" in the form of good humor, fun, exercise, activities, information... and a robust lifestyle! ALL important in good health and healthful self care!
Verbal, Voice Verbal and voice health depend on mouth, throat and lungs. Communications is essential and we help you identify options and resources for verbal health and well being.
Health Care Communications Communication with your body, with family and with your health care providers is important ... and valuable!
Educational Health Practices Health care at home, work and in the community is complex! Health education is a lifelong pursuit as we age and deal with changing conditions, challenges and opportunities. Education can help! And health careers also benefit from excellent health and social education.
Food production & security Food production & security affects working conditions, food quality, food security and nutritional value. We provide information about options and solutions.
Chemical pollutants Chemical pollutants are creeping into everything - including our newborn children. Learn how to check for chemicals in your food, water, air, clothing, and work. Chemicals can be helpful, benign and/or dangerous.
Lead Lead has been used in a wide variety of products from paints to toys - and children, in particular, have health problems with lead they eat, touch or breathe. Learn how to prevent lead poisoning.
Environmental Health Environmental Health covers the food we eat, air, water quality, noise levels, disaster preparation and recovery ... and much more. Here are options and solutions to protect your immediate environment ... and your health.
Mental Health Mental health care includes both daily hygiene of our brains and bodies and therapy when diseases or harm to our delicate balance of mental and physical health gets out of whack. Learn how to care for your mental health and how your physical health is intertwined with mental well being.
Children's Health
Stomach Aches Stomach aches are a common malady, and can also be an important symptom to observe and report to your health care provider. Learn about the different kinds of stomach aches and how to care for them and track them as part of your personal health history.
Social Infrastructure Social infrastructure is about family and friends - but also about systems including education, emergency care, security, food production, economic exchange... and spiritual and creative expression. And politics. And relating to other species. There's no end to learning about our ever widening social infrastructure!
Water Infrastructure We cannot survive without fresh water. Our wells, streams, lakes, rivers, aquafers and oceans are our water infrastructure. Our health depends on fresh, pollution-free water and solutions such as filtration, hygiene, and sanitation are part of our health system.
Public Health Public health organizations at the local, state and federal levels focus on prevention and emergency health care and delivery of widespread health services. Some public health organizations have health care facilities, most provide public information, and all stand ready to assist during emergencies.
Green cleaning & janitorial Green cleaning & janitorial services can improve indoor air quality by reducing toxins and removing dust, mold and pollutants from surfaces, floors, and the air.
Indoor air quality Indoor air quality affects our energy level, the transfer of pollutants and disease, and comfort levels for sight and smell. Ventilation is one of the key metrics for indoor air quality.
Workplace Health Workplace health is more than insurance - it is about safety practices, clean air, time for recuperation after strenuous labor, best practices during infectious outbreaks, and more.
Science of Mind Science of mind is about how the brain works as we grow, learn, sleep, play and conduct our daily business. Scientists are studying the brain to help optimize education, careers, social relationships and mental health.
Wellness. Good Health / Prevention of disease and damage to our body and mind relies on daily habits, hygiene and environmental factors. We help you identify solutions that fit this complex challenge of good health and vitality.
Fun and Joy! Fun and joy are elements of vibrant life - health, wellness, and good relationships. We learn and stretch muscles and mental abilities through play. We nurture relationships with fun and joy, the arts, celebrations and laughter. Fun and joy! Yes!
Healthy Relationships Healthy relationships not only result from good health practices, but support good health practices! Family, friendship, working together, playing together - we love relationships! Getting along in healthy ways is increasingly being recognized as a public health issue.
Stress Reduction Stress is certainly part of life, but many work situations, relationships, emotions and anxieties can cause excessive stress. And excessive stress can cause or be symptoms of health problems. Learn about your own particular tolerance for stress and how to manage your stress levels.
Medical Savings Account Medical savings accounts are a hybrid health insurance program in which you fund a savings account that is used for health reimbursement to supplement a high deductible insurance policy. We look at ways to make this affordable with sustainable health practices that prevent traditional health care with high copays.
Accident Insurance Accident insurance is often associated with travel, risky work and the bumps and bruises of childhood activities. We explore how families provide informal accident care and assurance in a more sustainable community.
Disability Insurance Disability insurance helps families overcome the extraordinary costs of rehabilitation and recovery after traumatic injury, long term illness and chronic conditions. We explore ways families and friends can provide disability recovery and care services beyond insurance.
Life Insurance Life insurance, like most things in life, can be a good thing -- in moderation! Families face extraordinary costs at the death of a loved one, and if insurance can help smooth out these extraordinary expenses, that's a good thing. But using insurance as a pathway to riches just clogs our courts and causes social unrest -- not so good.
Health Insurance . Health insurance was first started as a way to take care of catastrophic emergencies -- but it has evolved into a staple of health care. Not insurance. Health maintenance. That's not very practical when a person might have to pay $500-700 a month just in insurance ... plus significant payments for preventative care at a medical facility. We look for options that make common sense.
Life and Health Insurance . Insurance has grown far beyond its original purpose -- as a safety net. It has become a staple of economic growth and exchange. But health care should never be equated with insurance -- health is about self care, family and sustainable community care and concern for one another.
Solutions for Your Health Care Solutions For Your Health Care provides information on sustainable value in good health and prevention, health care and caring for family members.
Home Health Care Home health care is the heart and soul of good health. Relationships, nutrition, sleep, learning about hygiene and self-care are essential to strong home health care practices.
Health and Beauty Health and beauty care and products are essential parts of hygiene, job competitiveness and cultural roles such as spiritual communications, relationships and self respect. Some practices and products are excessive, but basic health and beauty hygiene is common to all species, and all cultures.
Top 10 Health Conditions Health problems cost our country over $1 trillion a year in care, lost productivity and family and employer costs. Health care starts with good hygiene and health practices as basic as what you eat, exercise and good relations.
Cancer Cancer is one of the top 10 health concerns and costs for Americans.
Diabetes Diabetes is a blood sugar health issue that can stem from nutrition, exercise and activity, and hereditary predispositions. Care is often centered on changing behaviors on a daily basis.
Heart Disease Heart care can prevent minor heart and blood health problems, and can help after heart surgery to strengthen the heart muscles.
Hypertension Hypertension is the term used to describe high blood pressure. High blood pressure (HBP) or hypertension means high pressure (tension) in the arteries.
Mental Disorders Mental Disorders are included in the top ten health conditions that add to lost productivity, increasing health costs, and community problems.
Pulmonary Conditions Pulmonary conditions affect pulmonary arteries that carry blood from the heart to the lungs. They are the only arteries (other than umbilical arteries in the fetus) that carry deoxygenated blood. Respiratory Disease is the term for diseases of the respiratory system. These include diseases of the lung, pleural cavity, bronchial tubes, trachea, upper respiratory tract and of the nerves and muscles of breathing. Respiratory diseases range from mild and self-limiting such as the common cold to life-threatening such as bacterial pneumonia or pulmonary embolism.
Strokes Strokes are rapidly developing loss of brain functions due to disturbance in the blood supply to the brain. This can be due to lack of blood flow caused by blockage, or a leakage of blood.
Mental Disorders Mental disorders affect most people at some time in their life, but the disorder is a matter of degree. Medical research is making giant strides in identifying and understanding the physical and energy aspects to mental health and disorders.
Mental Disorders Mental disorders affect most people at some time in their life, but the disorder is a matter of degree. Medical research is making giant strides in identifying and understanding the physical and energy aspects to mental health and disorders.
Brain Tumor Treatment and Recovery Treatment and recovery from brain tumors including family and community help and hope.

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